Recent Submissions

  • Doctrinal Paradox & International Law 

    Tingley, Dustin; Chilton, Adam S. (University of Pennsylvania, 2012)
  • Causal Mediation Analysis 

    Hicks, Raymond; Tingley, Dustin (SAGE Publications, 2012-01)
    "Estimating the mechanisms that connect explanatory variables with the explained variable, also known as ""mediation analysis,"" is central to a variety of social-science fields, especially psychology, and increasingly to ...
  • The Choice for Multilateralism: Foreign Aid and American Foreign Policy 

    Milner, Helen V.; Tingley, Dustin (Springer Nature, 2012-09-15)
    Why do governments choose multilateralism? We examine a principal-agent model in which states trade some control over the policy for greater burden sharing. The theory generates observable hypotheses regarding the reasons ...

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