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IndustryAugmented Reality
FoundersAmbarish Mitra, Omar Tayeb Steve Spencer & Jess Butcher [1]
DefunctDecember 2018
Number of employees

Blippar was the name of a technology company that specialised in augmented reality and of the mobile app it made.[3] The company was founded in London[4] and had offices in Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Mountain View, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Istanbul, & Delhi. The Blippar app let users look at real-world objects enhanced with text, music, games and digital graphics through their smartphone camera.[5] It created the first augmented-reality digital ad platform.[4][6] It focused on branded augmented-reality 'experiences' visible through the Blippar app.

On 17 December 2018, Blippar entered administration after investors blocked further funding having "burned through" $120 million in funding up until the time of its collapse.[7]


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